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I think you already know that the Invalides was built by the decree are not unaware of the Sun King. As it turned out, Louis XIV initiated the construction of not only pleasing his Majesty magnificent palaces like Versailles, but also took care of the veteran - Invalides was conceived as a place of charity for disabled soldiers, who due to poverty were not able to take care of themselves. During the Napoleonic era house was crowded with about constantly - the great emperor could not live without wars, and the construction had to be most welcome.

Now the most interesting - in the complex except the Invalides, are also Orthodox Invalides, the crypt with the tomb of Napoleon, and several interesting museums. Should explore all - believe me, you will not be disappointed. The dome of the cathedral towers over the building of the Invalides and you'll see him on the square - some sort of massive gilded "cap", soaring above the strict lines of the facade. The interior is in harmony with the outside of strict simplicity and classical forms of the cathedral - unobtrusive beauty, majesty and calm. Perhaps it is this situation and should be present in a place where we found the last resting place of the bravest sons of France, from Napoleon himself and ending his marshals. The atmosphere and decor of the cathedral vaguely reminded me of the Pantheon, and I think, no accident - because it also laid to rest the greatest men of this country. You're looking to wander around the cathedral, looked at the tomb of the Emperor's family, the marshals and I lingered at the window, where the glass was placed the famous gray overcoat and cocked hat of Napoleon. Who knows, maybe in fact they do not belong to the great commander, but looking at these things very much like to believe that once they wore one of the most famous people in world history.
Napoleon's Tomb is striking both simplicity and grandeur, and, I think, in harmony with the image of a man under whose low-key physical shell hid a sharp mind, strong will power and a tremendous thirst for power. The tomb stands on a pedestal and placed it in the remains of Emperor immured in the entire six coffins of different materials! I confess that this type of sarcophagus standing in the ring 12 and sculptures, beat me very impressed - even without knowing exactly who it is at rest, it was possible to assert with confidence that the life of this man deserves to be called THE GREAT. We looked at the tomb as above, with a balustrade of the chapel, and below, going down to the crypt - impressions were equally strong.

There are 4 museums, recommend first visiting the Museum of the Army - he combined the Museum of Artillery and the History of the Army. It was very interesting to see the old armor and weapons from different centuries, flags and banners, personal belongings of the Emperor, particularly impressed me the finest armor plates - seemingly easy, indeed, they do not weigh a kilogram! We also briefly went to the museum of modern history, which I got bored after 5 minutes spent there. Military subjects, from different perspectives reflected museum exhibits will be interesting not for everyone, so visit this museum - at your discretion. Premises museums occupy 4 floors, and if you intend to bypass them all, should be devoted to visiting the Invalides about 3 hours.
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