One of the Most Beautiful and Historical Sights of Vienna

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Here is the first area in the Baroque style - Yozefsplats.

Impatience quickly get to the main entrance to the Hofburg will not let me go to the Augustinerkirhe, where married and crowned members of the imperial family, and where lie the hearts of the Habsburgs.
Hofburg Palace - the symbol of the Habsburgs, harmoniously brought together a variety of architectural styles.
Before we dive into the architectural treasure of the Hofburg, look around: on the contrary Mihaelerkirhe - former court parish church of the Austrian imperial house.
Through the arch of the main entrance was taken to the Old Burg, and from there - Heroes' Square (Heldenplatz). Ahead - Arc de Triomphe, and her area of Maria Theresa. On the left - the building of the New Burgh, and before him a monument to Prince Eugene of Savoy, called the "noble knight" in gratitude for deliverance from the Turks. Right - a monument to Archduke Karl, who won in 1809 by Napoleon. That these two heroes of the military history of the area before the New Burg owes its name.

One of the most beautiful and historical sights of Vienna is the Hofburg. For many centuries it was the winter residence of many influential people in Vienna, including the Habsburg dynasty. This palace is a complex of imperial buildings, the first of which dates back to 1279g. Gradually, with increasing strength of the Austrian state, grew, and the palace complex, and today it is practically a city in the city.

From the People's Heroes Square Garden begins with the monument Elisabeth of Bavaria - a universal favorite of the Austrian princess Sissi, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, became in 1898 assassination attempt.
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