Piazza di Spagna

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In the center is a lovely fountain - a work of Pietro Bernini, father of the famous Lorenzo Bernini. Out of half a boat hits another stream of water. And all this is in the water, below the square.

From the fountain up to the church of Santa Trinita del Monte rising magnificent wide staircase, built in 1720 - 1750 years. and has 135 steps. In spring it is decorated with flowers, azaleas, and now sit on her weary guests.

On all sides of the square, a circle divided most famous streets of Rome. The house is 26 on Via Felice (Happy Street) lived Gogol, and it is here was written the first volume of "Dead Souls". Now this street is called Via Sistina. Compositionally area completes two symmetrical bell tower of the church. To the left of the square stands tall column with a statue of "Mary Immaculate" with a wreath of dried roses in one hand. It is a local tradition. Every year, December 8 at the statue put a new crown, and it is considered the beginning of the Christmas holidays.
Spanish Steps (Scalinata)
Piazza Di Spagna
Rome, Italy, 00187


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