Nowhere Else to See

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There can be passed easily by buying a ticket, but it is the only place in the "state", where allowed. Neither the famous gardens of the Vatican, or courtyards to see fail. Moreover, the museums were open windows overlooking the gardens, and through them I tried to make a couple of frames, what has caused a storm of indignation in the ranks of! It is a pity, because it's really nice. In museums, these are, in principle, not a sin if possible a couple of days - like exhibits nowhere else to see!

Paintings, sculptures, tapestries for centuries were going to the pontiff and was stored in the buildings of the Vatican (the library has some incredible number of volumes, but the entrance there is closed to mere mortals). Unfortunately, the time to check all this beauty we have not had, so we rushed, of course, the pearl of the Vatican - Sistine Chapel, the venue of the Papal Conclave.

By the way, shortly before departure, on the advice of friends, I read a very good book of Irving Stone's «The Agony and the Ecstasy» of Michelangelo. All it is recommended, especially before a trip to Rome!

According to legend, originally was supposed to paint the chapel Raphael, but he wanted to annoy and substitute Michelangelo (who was at that time more recognized as a sculptor than a painter), paintings gave him. What happened in the end, the whole world knows. Capella with floor to ceiling is covered with spectacular paintings on biblical themes, particularly for the famous painting "The Last Judgement" in the end. Tragically, there can not be photographed for this carefully watched. Moreover, in the chapel asking for a long time not to be, because the crowd builds up quickly, and the room becomes crowded.

After the chapel until the evening walk to museums - the halls with statues of Etruscan civilization, from ancient times statues of Roman emperors, Renaissance paintings, etc. And still we do not have enough time - museums closed at 18.00, we passed well, if a quarter of the exhibition ! But most importantly, able to visit the Belvedere and see two world-famous sculptures - "Laocoon" and "Apollo Belvedere".
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