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The Cathedral is beginning to hit, if I may say so, even in the street Via della Concilliazone, laid in the days of Mussolini. Even until you see the famous grand square with a colonnade of Bernini, the huge cathedral impresses by its size and harmony. The colonnade is composed of several rows of columns, set in a checkerboard pattern and is designed so that, if you stand on certain points on the square, they will merge into one line. In the center of the square, well, where do without him, is an Egyptian obelisk, brought by Caligula from Heliopolis. According to legend, a golden ball on top of it is stored ashes of Julius Caesar (although, the same legend I heard about the dome of the Cathedral). This obelisk was the Circus of Nero, which is here once and was.

I, in fact, is not inclined to be overly impressionable and other manifestations of feelings, but went into the San Pietro, very much wanted to immediately flatten from huge internal dimensions of the Cathedral and its decoration! Visited the idea, already thought the Coliseum - I am a woman of the XXI century, flying in airplanes, skyscrapers rising on using the Internet, mobile phones and other, was so impressed by the enormity of this, what feel people of the time of Michelangelo?

Pearl of the Cathedral, to my mind, Pieta of Michelangelo. This statue, the high value is placed behind bulletproof glass, so, unfortunately, the pictures turned out not the best.

In addition to art treasures, in San Pietro stored four great Christian relics: the head of the Apostle Andrew, the particles of the Cross, the spear Longinus, pierced Christ, and part of the relics of St. John Chrysostom.
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