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Any self-respecting Roman emperor considered it his duty to erect in the city if not its own forum, then at least the statue. Until our days the "eternal city" more-or-less preserved Forum Troyan (to the left of the wide street Via dei Fori Imperiale, hacked with Mussolini directly on the ancient ruins of the Altar to the Coliseum) and the Forum of Caesar and the Roman Forum (on the right side) and countless statues of emperors on the sides.

Both forums are interesting: Forum Troy - well-preserved ruins of the shopping malls of the market, as well as constant column of the Emperor, and the right forum - the Arch of Titus, Temple of the Vestal, the ruins of the Temple of Saturn's famous Cloaca Maxima, etc. In addition, at Rome, in the middle ancient ruins, towering several Christian basilicas in excellent condition. Won "conglomerate" of the front tier of ancient columns (remaining from the pagan temple) and built them the facade of the Christian church.

Generally, among the ruins of the forums are very pleasant and interesting walk. At least, so it was in February: the people a little, not too hot, but comfortable (15), we can all safely view. I think the summer there is not so rosy - red-hot stones to heat up to high temperatures, and the crowds are unlikely to quietly walk! At the checkout you can take the audio guide and a plan in Russian, for some reason we refused and very sorry! Outright to figure out what pieces of columns refer to the temple of Castor and Pollux, and which, for example, to the temple of Vestal - rather difficult.

For example, we walk through the ruins and see a small round, half-grown into the ground structure, around which crowded Turistas with cameras and enthusiasm, this house is removed. Looking inside, we saw nothing except some hatch and heaped on him heaps of flowers. It was only later discovered that at this place in a kind of shaggy were burnt body of Julius Caesar!
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