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And my first impression of the Sagrada Familia - a facade Stastey Christ. I think that this is not chronologically correct, but it is absolutely correct from an emotional point of view - the facade of the Nativity, the facade of hope, love and joy I saw after visiting the cathedral, after visiting the exhibition, after studying the facade of the Passion, and how to put a final end to the optimistic their trips.
Passion facade design is very simple, it is clean and solid, like a bone shape, decorated with a cold nakedness stone. The total lack of ornamentation in the ensemble due to a clear objective: to focus all attention on the sculptural groups, describing the last day of Christ. The whole portal is a great stage on which the spectators in chronological order are the most significant events of the Passion of Christ. To support the portico Gaudi conceived huge sloping columns. These monumental stone mass, devoid of decorations, stress in the ensemble feeling of nudity and inconsolable grief.
If you face the facade, then the left and right you will see another door. Those who will go up the elevator, walk by one of them necessarily. This door laying on the crown of thorns. It displays the martyrdom of Christ and on the surface of the doors sealed quotations and some verses from Dante's Divine Comedy. The second door - Gethsemane, they are in verse and reliefs depicts the garden where Jesus prayed before his arrest, while his disciples slept.
The longer I looked at the cathedral, the more come to the conclusion that my first impression of him growing - it reminded me of the sand castle at the beach. When you take your hands in the wet sand, diluted with water to the liquid state, raises his hand and begin to produce the thin stream of sand from a clenched fist. And the sand is flowing, forming a mound of fanciful. Another pick up sand, also adds height of the growing tower.
La Sagrada Familia
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