The Jury's Out but my Bet's on Guilty!

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by koshkha on July 17, 2010

I stayed at the Jury's Inn in central Birmingham about 3 years ago. The place was chosen by a supplier who'd invited me and a colleague to join her for a celebratory night out. I'd never stayed in a Jury's Inn before so I had little in the way of pre-conceptions.

The hotel is on Broad Street, one of Birmingham's most lively streets. There's no official hotel car park but there is a public car park nearby which is quite expensive but there's absolutely no way I'd abandon my car on the street even if I could find somewhere to park.

First impressions were that the lobby is exceptionally large and this is perhaps because the enormous restaurant area takes up a lot of the space. It's not a particularly stylish hotel but it's certainly a big one with more than 400 rooms. As you might guess it feels very impersonal.

My room was large and blandly furnished. It's not that there was anything actually WRONG with it, it was just very very dull and also very cold with lots of beige and lots of cheap-looking furniture. They have a good sized desk, a flat screen TV and tea and coffee making facilities. Nothing out of the ordinary, and that's just the problem. This place is very very ordinary.

Breakfast the next morning was horrible. Actually that's a little unfair as there was nothing wrong with the food but I felt like I was eating it in a busy railway station. The breakfast area was just SO enormous that I hated it. Check out was quite time consuming which is probably inevitable with so many rooms. I wouldn't rush back. The jury's out on this one but the verdict won't be good.
Jurys Inn Birmingham Hotel
245 Broad Street
Birmingham, England, B1 2HQ
+44 (0)121 606 9000

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