A Little Bit Cheesy but Fun

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Reez on July 16, 2010

I have personally never been to the London dungeon or any of the others associated with this chain. I think if you have visted any of these, you may find it too simillar. Saying that, I really enjoyed it! The tour takes just over two hours and takes you through some of the more grusome aspects associated with the spanish inquisition and torture methods for treason etc. Very interactive and quite scary. The actors were brilliant and kids (especially boys) will love it! The witches room was particularly scary. It is very much like something you may find at a theme park though so if you wanted to learn about amsterdams history, this may not be for you. However me and my boyfriend found this a fun way to while away a couple of hours out of the rain. The tour ends with a small mirrored maze and a very small rollercoaster. Its situated on Rokin quite near Dam square. It aint that cheap but its very easy to get hold of some discount vouchers (we found them dotted about everywhere) which made it worth it.
The Amsterdam Dungeon
Near Dam Square, Rokin 78
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012


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