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We stayed at the lower level of
Mountain House, Whitefish (Big Mtn)
Mountain House
Whitefish (Big Mtn), Montana, USA

Mountain House is located in the Winter Lane subdivision near Chair #3 and is a two story duplex.

This place may work in the winter, but never for summer.
1. Too far from Glacier National Park
2. Living room furniture is so bad I would not sell it in a yard sale.
3. No controls over heat. The temp. was 50 or in 40's and our place was that cold! The thermostat was in upstairs lodge where no one was staying, so we had no heat. When I called and requested help they were uncaring. They said the upstairs was not a place they could go in. The following day, though, they did finally come and turn on the heat in upstairs place. Amazing! (We had already been all those hours in that frigid downstairs portion of the house.
4. The place looks awful from the outside and it was a horrible lodging choice for a summer vacation.
5. Remember, no internet in this house. They say it is available at another place nearby, but that hotel has one computer and how long does a person want to wait there for that?

The Lodging Company which booked my rental said we would be given a nicer place to finish our stay. The office never contacted with that. There was no follow through from Whitefish Mountain Resort people. They were the worst. They said the maintenance man was not working on weekend nor 4th of July so nothing could be done! The next day, though, a maintenance man did go to upstairs apt. and change thermostat from 45 degrees which it had been set at (and it had kicked in at least 3 times during the night.)

Whitefish Mountain Resort front desk help were uncaring and I would not want to deal with them again.
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Big Mountain
Big Mountain, Montana

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