This Is One of the Largest Gothic Buildings

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Center Milan fabulously beautiful. The most outstanding architectural building is the Duomo, the cathedral. Duomo is striking by its grandeur and size.
Its length is 158 meters, height 108.5, width 93 meters. Outside the cathedral is decorated with statues of saints, animals and strange creatures, whose number reaches 3400. The roof of the cathedral consists of an infinite number of capstans, the oldest of which was erected in 1404.

Interior and its grandeur shocked even the most experienced travelers who have seen their way to set the world's attractions. Inside the cathedral adorned with 52 statues of the column, with a diameter of 3.4 meters and 24 meters high, symbolizing the number of weeks per year. To see the Cathedral, you'll need at least an hour. It provided that you do not want to climb onto the roof. And it is absolutely necessary to do so. From a panoramic view of the city, which is sure to remain in your memory forever. The Cathedral was started in 1386 and was completed only in 1965. For many centuries, has changed a lot of architects, many styles. ... And the mystery remains, as with all this, the building has retained one of the style and integrity.
Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
Piazza Del Duomo
Milan, Lombardy

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