Terrible Service, in Desperate Need of New Management

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Charli_H. on July 4, 2010

I have never felt so compelled to write a review on a hotel before. Although the Cheeca may offer beautiful scenery and more amenities than other hotels/resorts in the keys, they are desperately lacking in so many other areas. Don't be fooled by the glass of champagne upon check in or the beauty of the grounds upon arrival. BRIDES BEWARE- DO NOT USE THE SPA! What a joke it is to even call themselves a spa. Save yourself the hassle and stress, and make it to your rehearsal on time, make your appointments directly to Ciao Bella (which is where they ended up sending me AFTER their employee had managed to botch everything up so badly), not to mention battling with management the day of our wedding for reimbursement. A check was finally written to us three days later only after having to argue our case and chase the manager down since there was a discrepancy and conflicting comments made between the spa and hotel employees as to what would be done to rectify the situation). Each day, the hotel ran out of towels at the pools, it took an average of 30 minutes to have our drink orders delivered to us at the adults only pool, and that is even if the waitress remembered to place our orders, (yes, this happened), nice room service attendant however the food was soggy, large hole in one of our bath towels and had to constantly leave written notes for housekeeping for certain items to be refilled such as water, coffee, sugar, creamer and soap. Shower was not clean, there were soap remnants in the shower which I ended up scrubbing myself before I would even bother to get in it. Such a disappointment for a supposed "luxury resort". I highly recommend eating and spending your money elsewhere and visiting the hotel only for the scenery.
Cheeca Lodge and Spa
Islamorada, Florida, 33036


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