Borgata Is Not People Friendly

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by FISHEOB on July 1, 2010


My first trip to the Borgata in Atlantic City was very unpleasant. I found several of the Security people to be very rude, unrefined, and generally annoying. One female guard, who was built like a bowling ball with legs, has let the authority and power go to her head. Thank God they didn’t give her a gun. She needs to take a course in Personality101 and how to talk to people.

We were there for an Adam Lambert Concert on Saturday, June 26, 2010. Obviously, there was going to be many young people under the age of 21 walking around, waiting for the concert to start. There is no holding area. So, some people gambled and anyone under 21 just walked around like zombies waiting for the Concert to start.

I was there with my wife, my daughter, and my 12 year old granddaughter, who could not go on the Casino floor because of her age. After walking around the perimeter of the casino several times, we began to get tired. We found a chair that was not in the Casino and sat down. After about 5 minutes, Security came over and told us we couldn’t sit there. We started walking again and found a small platform in front of the Bobby Flay restaurant. We sat down. Another member of Security came over and told us we could not sit there either. She was quite rude and very nasty. Again, we were on the march. After some time, we stopped walking and leaned against a wall to rest, as we knew if we sat down, we would be shot. Another Security Guard came up to us and said that we were not allowed to stop moving. We cannot stop and lean against a wall. We cannot stop for any reason. We have to keep walking. At this point, I started to become very annoyed.

I decided to go to the Men’s room, where possibly I could find a place to sit without being harassed.
My granddaughter waited outside for me. I was only in there for about 4 minutes. When I came out, she said a Security person had questioned her and gave her a hard time because she was "Unescorted". She explained that she was waiting for Grandpa and couldn’t go in with him for obvious reasons. At least they didn’t have her arrested.

Some of these Rent-A-Cop Security people do not know how to talk to people and act in a humane manner. That’s what happens when you hire uneducated, homeless, people and give them some authority. Again, Thank God they didn’t have guns.

If these are truly the rules for this Casino, then this is a place that I don’t want to be. As a result of this unpleasant experience, I will never go to the Borgata again. The Concerts, the Casino, the Hotel, and the Restaurants, will never see a penny of mine or my family. I will tell all my friends, co-workers, and anyone else I talk to, about this incident and suggest to them that they stay away also.
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