A Local's Perspecitve on the Wine Train

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by salamatt on June 12, 2010

I am a local, born and raised in the city of Napa and have grown up with the Wine Train going through town and along the highway. Just recently, I got the chance to go on the wine train for the first time in my life and was astounded by how much fun I had!
I was on the Gourmet Dinner train, which had excellent service and even better food! As a vegetarian, I was overjoyed to see that they provided a vegetarian option, which many high class restaurants in Napa make you ask for special. My friends who I went with enjoyed the meat dishes just as much as I enjoyed my sweet pea ravioli. It was delicious! I especially liked the homemade sorbets, the salad (which had the most amazing tasting dressing), and the dessert (try the tiramisu it is to die for!)
The wine selection is pretty good, and I was happy to hear from the guy who was working the wine bar that about 65% of the wines they serve on the train were local, from Napa County.
I loved the views from the train, and although part of it was along a road I often drive, the elevated views were breathtaking of the vineyards. I couldn't stop looking out the windows and thinking how lucky I was to live in a place this beautiful.
I am definitely planning on taking the wine train again, maybe even splurging on the dome car!
This is a local Napan's two thumbs up for the Napa Wine Train. It is great for both locals and tourists! I highly recommend it.
Napa Valley Wine Train
1275 McKinstry St.
Napa, California, 94559
(707) 253-2111


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