Only as a Last Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by deltabwa on June 4, 2010

We do not usually stay here but our normal place was booked so we stayed here due to previous good reviews of this hotel. Those reviews were WAY OFF!! The night clerk was very rude. I asked if they had a coffee pot in the room and he simply pointed to the coffee pot in the lobby and said it's here. I asked about wireless and the same as the reviewer from 4/14/10, said some rooms yes, some rooms no. I asked if our room had it and he shrugged his shoulders. Turns out, it was a no for us, room 223. They offer a medical rate but was very expensive especially compared to the surrounding hotels and the condition of the room. I knew the other hotels were booked so had no real choice but to stay here with 2 small children. When we walked in the room the window was wide open and it was raining, there was a washcloth mixed in the bed, the chairs were stained, and 1 was so wobbly I was scared to sit in it. the shower had hair in the drain, there was no water pressure, and had to have my head touching the wall to get my hair wet. I also could have taken a bath after my shower it was so filled with water from lack of drainage. There was no stopper for the sink, the thermostat had to be from the 50's and I couldn't see the temp in the room as the center of the thermostat had cracked all the way down and blocked the view of the temp The only good thing about the room was the beds were relatively new and the tv was a flat screen. The lobby was very nice and the nicest part of the whole hotel. The exercise room has a sauna in it however, I wouldn't use either from the condition and looks of it. The room was dirty and unkept. I would NOT recommend to others.
Cherry Tree Inn
823 N 28th St
Billings, Montana, 59101

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