Mutianyu Section of The China Wall

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Mutianyu is located in the Huairou District about 56 miles from the city of Beijing. This long section of the Wall was originally built during the Qi Dynasty in the 6th century and is classified as the most beautiful section of the Wall. The scenery is spectacular as the wall winds its way across mountains and woodlands and it is much less crowded than the Badaling section.

There are 22 original style watchtowers and Mutianyu is the longest fully restored part of the wall. The paths, pavements and steps of the Great Wall at Mutianyu are well paved with granite slabs and walking conditions pose no risks other than some of the steps differ in height and width. There is a steep climb form the parking area before you reach the Wall.

There is the option to use a cable car to avoid the trek up to the Wall if you want to only trek downward. Another feature of the wall at Mutianyu is a toboggan ride down from the wall on a winding metal track.

Next to the Mutianyu wall is a village by the same name. Mutianyu translates to mean "Admire Fields Valley" and the Chinese government classifies Mutianyu as a model village because of its rebirth, due to tourism and the glassware industry.

Best way to get there from Beijing is to hire a cab. Three of us hired a cab and driver for the day. He took us there, directed us in the right direction, waited for us, took us for a lunch in Mutianyu village and dropped us back at our hotel for less than a total of $100. It gave us a chance to spend as much time at the wall as we wanted without the "hurry up" tour.

Make sure you have well fitted shoes and plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen if it is warm
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