Don't Worry, the Ladder is Bolted

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Huff. Puff. Climb. Exhale. Sweat running down your face, and still you have ten rungs to go. But, keep going. It's a great view.

Bandelier offers 33,677 acres of cultural and natural finds. Besides backcountry hikes, there are two main trails.
1) The Main Loop trail is 1.2 miles and takes you through the ruins of pueblos and to see the cliff dwellings built around 1150 ACE. You can bypass the steeper climb, and watch others drag themselves up tall ladders (bolted for safety) up into the cliff houses.
2) The Falls Trail is 5 miles, and much more difficult. (Open seasonally).

The area is known for it's Pinon trees, elk and cut-throat trout. Keep an eye out for these.

There is a parking lot and visitors center (with refreshments and toilets). $12 fee per car.

Note: The above directions are slightly off. Bandelier is actually much closer to White Rock, NM. Take New Mexico 4 towards Bandelier, passing Sherwood and Piedra Loop. Continue for 12 miles.
Bandelier National Monument
15 Entrance Rd.
Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87544
(505) 672-3861

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