Angkor Wat Is a Must Visit Place in the World

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by liwaae on May 30, 2010

I visited Angkor Wat in April 2010 with my family. We were lucky enough to see this marvelous great structure ever build on earth. However, nothing I have ever seen prepared me for the majesty that is Angkor Wat- it truly is amazing & is a wonder that you must see to experience it as pictures do not do it justice. I strongly believe you must spend a minimum of three days & longer would be more preferable. We spent 5 days there & still didn't get to see everything. Go now before a lot more people start to go- it is already overcrowded. We visited many temples such as Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, Banteay Srie and other distance temples such as Phnom Kulen and Beng Melea. We love Angkor Wat the most and we went there twice during sunrise and sunset, the two period of visit make us have different feels.

Try to get a hotel with a pool. It is amazing the difference a dip in the pool can make to cool you off- especially during middle day (hot in April).

Get a guide- one of the key whom reveal the mysterious history of Angkor and we firmly believe that we gained a lot more knowledge of the ruins having a guide. He knew where to take the best photo's, which temples to see at what time, pointed out things to us we did not notice, etc. He also pointed things out to us we would have never seen or noticed on our own. We felt the price is worth it. We also knew he took some back roads through the ruins that we would have never known how to take on our own. We also saw people trying to read the guidebooks while at the ruins.

We had a wonderful tour guide and I am very happy to recommend him. He was a delight to be with and we got to know so much more about Cambodia, Angkor Wat and the people because of him. He undoubtedly saved us money as he helped us buy bus tickets (the hotel wanted a commission), brought us to a laundry, knew what things cost, gave us advice on how to save money etc. He was always on time and checked if everything we had prepared before starting the tour. We enjoyed his attitude and a vast knowledge. He speaks fluent English while he used to be an English teacher for almost ten years. He has been a guide for 9 years. His name is Sovann Eath and email :
Temple Complex of Angkor Wat
5.5 Km North of Siem Reap
Angkor, Cambodia

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