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Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Sylvia1000 on May 22, 2010

Staying at this hostel was a terrible decision. Rooms are loud (not because of the bar, exactly, but because the walls are super-thin and you can hear people talking at all hours). It's impossible to get much sleep.

The main thing that drew me to the hostel was their offer to pick up me and my friends at the airport. They do this, although they weren't really where they said they'd be. The hostel is about 20 minutes from the airport, but they won't drive there until they have "enough" people to make the trip worthwhile, which means you could be circling the airport for a LONG time.

The airport shuttle in TO the airport is really unreliable. It's cheap, but apparently never comes on time. So either plan accordingly, or take a taxi. (The shuttle not showing up doesn't justify a refund of your money, apparently.)

The neighborhood is not "central" San Jose, although it may seem that way from the maps. The area has nothing going on, and isn't safe. Hostel security is very tight, but in sort of a disturbing, razor-wire sort of way. Definitely no a place to go out.

Some of the staff seem nice, but if you're arriving late, watch out. The night staff is really hostile. They seemed to be mad that I was interrupting their tv watching. They had no interest in answering my questions, pretended not to speak English for a while (before finally caving in and speaking English quite well)--and quite frequently, they disappeared altogether, so that no one was at the "24 hour" front desk. Because of my schedule, I didn't interact much with the day staff, so it's possible this was person-specific.

The rooms are alright--just tiny, spartan and very very loud. Not particularly clean, but not particularly disgusting, either.

During the low season, no one is actually in the pool, and there's not much of a party going on. I went in mid-May, which is actually a nice time to go to the coast, but Hostel Pangea was really quiet--there were around 10 people in the bar/pool area at any time. But since the surrounding area is pretty much a wasteland, the rooftop bar is pretty much what you've got.

All in all, wouldn't recommend it at all.
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