The Good & Bad of the Zoo

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by jenl on May 17, 2010

I'm not a fan of zoos since I always end up feeling really bad for the poor animals & depressed that we humans treat them so badly.

We didn't intend on going until so many people said 'you MUST go to the night zoo'. So we went to the zoo - although during the day.

There are elements that were very impressive. The orangutan area was the highlight. They're hanging out above your head with nothing separating you from the animals (maybe a net in some areas). This means you should make sure you're not walking directly under the animal - you never know when it needs to pee. It looks like they have a decent amount of space to roam around in too. They were great to see.

Other spots, like the polar bear, were sad. It was humid & 80s f/30s c and the bears didn't look happy. Nor did it seem they had much space to move or shade to hang out in.

If you really like zoos, go. If you really like orangutans, go. Otherwise, you may want to skip the zoo. It's pretty far out of town so figure about 45 minutes or more one-way in transit time (depends on if you do a cab or tourist bus).

For the american, the zoo has Ben & Jerry's and great Iced Tea!!!!! I could have sat in the shade & drank tea & ate ice cream for hours! :)

The toilets near the food area are nicely done. Partly inside, partly out, you know you're in the tropics.
Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore, Singapore, 729826
(65) 6269 3411

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