Glorious Day Out

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Dee Gee on May 11, 2010

I feel compelled to write a brief review here after reading the last few comments. I was in London for just over 30 hours, so did not have enough time to see as much of this wonderful city as I would have liked and so clearly one of the sightseeing bus tours was the way to go!
There are to my knowledge two competing Bus tours operating in the city and I had the choice between the two who have their pitches close together near to the Tower Of London. I chose to go with the Big Bus Company because the sales agent was polite and not quite so aggressively pushy as the guy selling tickets for the original bus company, even as I was boarding the Big Bus with my girlfriend we were subjected to a verbal tirade bordering on abuse because I chose the Big Bus tour over the original.
That aside we found ourselves on a spick and span clean open top tour bus on a beautiful day in London.
We had a bus with a real live tour guide who kept us all informed and entertained throughout, my only critique would be that from time to time the breeze of the day blew away some of what was being said making it hard to understand, however, I cannot blame the Big Bus Company for the vagaries of the British weather, especially as it was a stunningly sunny (but breezy) day!
The sights are many and varied and there really is not much time to glance down at the tour map as you will miss something as the sights and the history come thick and fast!
The guide was very helpful and showed us where we could get off of the bus and walk around some of the other sights. We had no trouble getting back on another bus when we had seen the sights and we even later managed to complete the full circle ending back at The Tower Of London where we took advantage of the free river cruise to Greenwich, for me a must see dot on the map!
All in all the tour was good value for money, the guides we encountered were very very good and helpful and I would highly recommend a Big Bus tour, especially if like us you have a limited amount of time in this fine old city.
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