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OK, so I have told you about getting around by hot air balloon, motor coach, Segaway, train, and limo. And now I get to tell you about wheeling around the stunning red rocks of Sedona in the back of a Pink Jeep.

As part of my travel agent FAM, we got to stop in Sedona on our way to Williams for a few hours. We had time to walk around, enjoy lunch, and then take in the Pink Jeep Tour. So after Pam and I did some shopping and had a great lunch, we headed out for our turn on the pink jeeps. Our group was divided up and loaded up with 6 per jeep. Pam, Jodine, myself, and several others hoped in our jeep and the very handsome Tomas would be our guide. Soon we were headed out for a big adventure.

When going up and down the back country, you figure this isn’t your normal jeep. These puppies are customized for the rugged daily use and it takes about 5 weeks to customize them for the company’s standards. They company currently has 67 jeeps in its fleet and each guide gets their own jeep so they get used to it. They also have a Tour Trekker made just for the Grand Canyon. Since 1960 the company has been giving visitors the thrill of a lifetime. And they are doing a darn good job. They have been featured on Regis and Kelly . They were also voted the #1 attraction in Sedona by Trip Advisor.

After leaving Sedona, we headed out about 10 minutes and arrived in the middle of red rock country. These rocks will take your breath away from a distance. When you get this close to them you have to remind your self to breath. No matter where you look, you can not believe how beautiful rocks can be.

We make our way to the base of the park and start our tour. We make our way up rugged boulders (not rocks but big honking boulders) and to flat plains. When we make our way to our first stopping point, it is just amazing. We pile out of our jeep and gather around first with Tomas taking our pictures and then he gives us a history of the area and these rocks. These rocks are actually sandstone. It is the Schnebly Hill Formation. This is layer upon layer of varying shades or reds, pinks, and orange colors to form the big rocks you see today. These "rocks" began forming around the Permian period (about 250 million years ago). Today these rock formations have names such as Snoopy, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, and more. We are then allowed to roam around and take pictures. The red colored rocks set again this brilliant blue sky would make even the worst photographer look like a pro.

We go from formation to formation and as you move on to a new formation, you notice how things change. The colors of the rocks, the depth of the blue in the sky, even the weather changes as you move around. Up at Cathedral Rock it was so blustery we were afraid to venture to far as it felt like we could easily get blown away and never be heard from again. Imagine the next group of travel agent taking this trip being told about he agents who got blown away on the trip and were never found!!!

As we made our way back to where we began, the geography changed as well. The closer we get to the entrance it starts to change into more of a forest full of pines and funky trees that look like something out of the set of a horror movie. Then the adrenalin rush part starts. We go up and down more boulders. Even at some point the jeeps were almost standing upright, the crevasse were so deep. Coming from someone who loves a good adrenalin rush, this was so totally awesome . You can hear agents screaming, giggle, whoo hooing, clapping, cheering, and yelling "lets go again". One agent on another jeep was so afraid she threw a jacket over her head. It was so funny that later when our guides ask us on the last night to name our favorite experiences every single agent ended with "oh yeah and Wanda on the Pink Jeep Tour".


They also have tours in the Las Vegas area if you find yourself out that way.

Who knew being in a jeep and going up and down rocks would be so much fun??? For the best views and fun in Sedona, you have to do the tour.

Very highly recommended
Pink Jeep Tours
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