It Costs a Lot to End up Here!

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Recoleta Cemetery is a strange tourist attraction in BA. It is, as is often quoted by the Argentines "free for the living and very expensive for the dead!".

It is known as the place to be buried in Buenos Aires if there is such a thing and everyone who WAS anyone ends up here!

Now why is that? Well, your final resting place will be with the great and good including (but not limited to)

22 different presidents
Numerous politicians

The list goes on! Many families spend their life savings getting their dead in there!

To visit - is easy, entrance is free although you can buy a map of the many famous graves.

Once inside the cemetery is unusual in that it is laid out like a city with streets and each house is a family plot! grisly though it is many of the plots have subsided somewhat and you can see bones if you look in. Not one for the squeamish!

The atmosphere is spooky but strangely restful. Wander around the gothic stone streets admiring the architecture and avoiding the skulls! There are cats everywhere in the cemetery, they sun themselves on the roof of a tomb or wander around making spooky noises. Definitely adds to the atmosphere!

Once you have had your fill of looking at the amazing building structures take a stroll across the road to one of two locations. One is the ice cream cafe opposite which sells the best duche du leche ice cream. The other is a micro brewery and bar selling the delicious but lethal honey beer 8% alcahol. Either is a good place to toast being in the land of the living!
La Recoleta Cemetery
Junín 1790 Recoleta District
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1116
+54 (11) 4804 7040

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