We Had Happy Feet!

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We left Cape Town quite early in the morning for our leisurely drive along past the Twelve Apostles Mountain peaks along the Chapman’s Peak coast road via Hout’s Bay and through to the Cape of Good Hope.
We drive along the Great Ocean Road in South Australia and I have to say that this road is infinitely superior in terms of views and stunning vistas. Ever turn gave a ‘Ohh ‘or ‘Wow’ from one of us with bright blue sky, silver lined sandy coasts and secluded harbour towns nested in safe coves.

We reached the Cape of Good Hope and rushed up the hill to the top to see the last of the Atlantic waves crashing over the huge rocks. We also walked to the top of the peak at cape Point. Having walked to the top of both points we were now ready for moving on to Boulder’s Bay near Simon’s town where we hoped to see some African penguins.

We followed signs for penguins and parked our car and then followed more signs for penguins until we reached a kiosk. We paid 35R per person to enter the area and off we went along the first board walk. We were so thrilled to see three penguins resting on some rocks and spent some minutes taking photos before we moved on. As we rounded the corner they were everywhere. I have never seen so many penguins just chilling, lying, standing, drying their wings, kissing and nest digging. We took so many photos I think we almost filled our memory card. They were absolutely beautiful and so not bothered by all the tourists walking along the board walk and photographing them.

We must have spent about an hour on both board walks before we really began to feel the need for some food so we reluctantly left our new friends and went along to the restaurant we had seen near the car park with views of the ocean. This was called the ‘Sea Forth’. We ordered various fish and sea food dishes. My husband and I did particularly well with the warm seafood salad as we had so much sea food and also piles of salad. I ate continuously while everyone else ate and was still able to had a plate full of salad and 4 large prawns over to the boys. One son had scampi and chips and the other had Cape salmon and chips as well as sharing half my meal.

Both boys were keen to visit a beach and swim in the Indian Ocean so we went back to Boulders Beach and paid another 35R each to get on the beach. Amazingly once we were on the beach we noticed penguins on the rocks around the beach. As we were changing two of the little chaps waddled down between the groups of people and slipped in to the sea. This was where you could swim with the penguins which had read about but thought it had been an error. It was truly an amazing experience.

My husband was in the sea with penguins darting around him. It was a little too cold for me but we did go over to the rocks and chat to t he penguins on the rock. One little chap was having a head rolling conversation with my son and we got some stunning photos of this and also as they popped into the sea and swam around our legs.

This was the icing on the cake and a truly magical experience to be able to get so close to wild animals and interact with them. They were totally unbothered by people. They apparently do bite but if you were sensible and just stayed quiet near them rather than trying to touch them then they were happy for you to be there.

For the price I think this experience would take some beating if you like animals and enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat. This is a memory that will be in my top experiences and I would thoroughly recommend visiting Boulders Bay if you want to see penguins in the wild up very close and even swim with them if you don’t mind the water being a bit fresh. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in winter as we were there in summer in January and it was still a bit too cold for me to go right in the sea!
Boulders Beach (Penguin Colony)
4 Boulders Place Simon's Town
Cape Town, South Africa
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