I Spy a Dinosaur

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The Natural History Museum is on Cromwell Road in London and near the South Kensington tube station. It is very easy to get to the museum whatever form of transport you use. The only thing I would say is don`t expect to park right outside as it is very busy and there is very little parking available and the museum is in the congestion charge zone!

The Natural History Museum is free to enter although you are encouraged to donate and I think there are some temporary exhibitions which you have to pay for. There are many places where you can donate throughout the museum. I have visited this museum many times and think it is probably the best overall museum in London compared to others like the Science Museum. I also think children would enjoy this museum more than most other ones.

The building is very impressive and an old massive one. It is really spectacular especially in the Great Hall with the giant dinosaur bones which is what I always remember the museum for. There is normally a large queue outside due to the museum popularity. Once you enter you have to have your bags checked for security purposes but this is only a short check that lasts probably less than thirty seconds.

The Museum has a wide variety of displays and exhibitions but is probably most famous for the dinosaurs. There is a mixture of display items here whether the massive moving dinosaur, a TV with information about dinosaurs or just some dinosaur bones. There is lots of information and it is always interesting to look at the strange names and compare the size of you compared to the dinosaur. Overall this is probably the most popular section and children always enjoy it too!

Another exhibition I remember is the massive blue whale which takes up a massive room. There is also a section about the Earth and volcanoes and earthquakes. You also go up a giant escalator here and through the Earth! Here there is a room where you are meant to experience an earthquake which is good fun.

There is also a good section on minerals and rocks and you get to look at all the different shiny gems and stones! This is also interesting and always worth a visit!

There are plenty of other interesting and informative displays around the museum and there is a lot to see and do. There are a few gift shops including a mineral one with lots of different stones and minerals and at the back there is a massive amethyst which costs thousands! There is also a dinosaur store and a general store but as with all these types of attractions everything is a bit overpriced but it is a good cause.

There are also lots of toilets and baby changing facilities. There are also restaurants and cafes and some others places to eat but I have not been in any of these so can`t comment how good they are.

The museum is open daily is between 10 am and nearly up to 18.00. The museum is closed for just a couple of days a year at Christmas times.
This is probably my favourite museum as it has such a great mix of things to do. You could spend ages in here and it is also free to enter. For a museum it also does well to keep young children entertained and interested through interactive displays and more.

I think everyone should visit here at least once as it a great attraction and you learn a lot and it is also free! There is something for everyone here and that is why everyone should visit.

Overall I think this is simply a fantastic museum to visit and you could go and visit for as long as you want to with anyone.

I always really enjoy this museum and would definitely recommend it to all!
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London, England, SW7 5BD
+44 20 7942 5000


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