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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ns1209 on March 26, 2010

The British Museum is a really interesting place to visit and one of the places I would recommend to anyone to visit if they happened to be in London!

The museum is massive and features many exhibits from places all around the world. There is so much information and things to see and do that you could spend days in here. It is a really impressive place to go!

One of the most popular sections is the mummies! This section is truly fascinating and they have a massive amount of different mummies. It is really interesting and there are mummies of all different shapes and sizes here! There are even some that have been taken out of their tombs and cases. There is also lots of information about the mummies and this part of the museum is just generally very interesting. I imagine it would be popular with children too as it would probably fascinate a lot of them! Sadly the mummy section is also incredibly busy and there are always lots of people here.

I also saw an exhibition about money and showed how money has changed so much over time. It showed things from old coins to cheque books. I also found it interesting seeing some of the things used as currency hundreds of years ago that looked like massive stones! It was all very interesting!

Another bit which was a temporary exhibition I saw was about an Anglo Saxon discovery and was about all the different things a man discovered in a field! There were many different types of jewellery and other interesting discoveries and the man made a small fortune out of it!

While the museum is free you should really donate a couple of pounds per person as it is a fantastic place and you also learn a lot at the same time!

I was only at the museum for a couple of hours but could have been just as easily for a week – there is so much to see and do and if you looked closely and read all the information about everything you would probably be there for a year!

The museum is also very well laid out with different sections about completely different things and you can get a free map so you can work out what you want to see and where to go! You could even get audio tours if you wanted them!

There is so much stuff to see that you start to get a bit bored and don`t appreciate everything so I would recommend going here a few times but for just a couple of hours at a time especially as it is free to visit.

You can easily visit by either getting the Tube, a bus, a taxi or just by walking to it. The address is British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG. The British Museum is open nearly every day and most of the exhibitions are available always from 10.00- 17.30.

Also there are a couple of restaurants and cafes at the museum that you can eat at. Whether you want a quick snack and a cup of coffee or a fancy menu! There is also a shop with many good books in it and other souvenirs. All the money is going to a good cause to so it is worth buying a book or something!

You really should visit the British Museum sometime especially if you live in London or nearby as there are many important objects just waiting to be seen and considering the entry price it is hard to not recommend visiting! Also you may learn something interesting from going and get your old brain working a little!

Go and visit!

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