Cathedral Rock Viewed from Red Rock Crossing

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Cathedral Rock towers over Sedona and its recognizable spires may just compete with Bell Rock as the most famous structure in Sedona. The guides like to tell local legends which talk about lovers who were constantly bickering until the Great Spirit showed them the beauty all around them and their fighting stopped. The two spires in the middle of Cathedral Rock (those that look like two lovers together) represent the lovers. Quite appropriately, Cathedral Rock is also the location of a strong vortex with a strong "feminine" vibe. For spiritualists, this promote traits of patience and compassion, quite handy attributes if you find yourself in an argument.

Hiking Cathedral Rock is a rewarding experience. You may go to the Airport Mesa at the end of Airport Road off Hwy 89A. The trail is generally easy and it gives you amazing views of Cathedral Rock without the distraction of too much crowds. Or if you want to drive, you can drive to the Village of Oak Creek at the southern side and then turn west to the Verde Valley School Road where you can view the majestic structure with a view of Oak Creek, too. But I believe Cathedral Rock is best seen from Red Rock Crossing, the view of Cathedral Rock over Oak Creek may just be the most photographed view in Sedona.

Red Rock Crossing in itself is a captivating place to visit. It can be accessed by driving west on Hwy 89A, turning on Upper Red Rock Loop, then following the signs to go to the Crescent Moon Picnic Area. There is a picnic area with the Cathedral Rock as a backdrop which is just heavenly. Most times, you can see artists sketching, photographers with their tripods or maybe a wedding pictorial or two. But going on the trails and hiking along Oak Creek is the highlight. The lush greenery, the sparkling creek combined with the red rock views are just unforgettable.
Cathedral Rock

Sedona, Arizona, 86336

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