Do you Believe in the Power of the Vortex?

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Sedona is known for its fabulous sandstone structures and picturesque landscapes. But New Age enthusiasts flock to this place for its spiritual potential, too, particularly for its Energy Vortexes. It is believed that Sedona is a center of strong spiritual force that stimulates renewal of the spirit, promotes a sense of well being and enhances creativity. Some people report that after visiting a vortex, they come out with a renewed sense of purpose and a sense of peace. Other people admit that they do not feel anything at all. Whether you are a believer or not, there is value in exploring these points of interest, if only to satisfy your curiosity or to find out if you will "feel" something.

So what is a vortex exactly? Hearing that word creates images of the cyclone in Wizard of Oz. I was told that it is like that – a spiraling force of energy that could affect the feelings, temperament or the sense of who you are. The energy may interact with a person’s sense of being and may influence some form of healing or awareness. The vortexes cannot be seen but the physical proof of these vortexes is the presence of twisted juniper trees indicating where the energy could be most powerful. Apparently, the whirling force emanates strongly from these places and twists the juniper branches.

Each of the 4 major vortexes in Sedona represent strength in what is referred to as "masculine" or "feminine" energy or a combination of both.

1. Airport Vortex
From Hwy 89A near the center of Sedona, turn towards airport road to reach the Airport vortex. This is a popular spot to go to because this is on the way towards the Airport Mesa, a scenic vista often a favorite spot for tourists near sunset. This vortex is said to enhance "masculine" features such as self confidence and decisiveness.

2. Cathedral Rock Vortex
This vortex could be accessed through Hwy 89A going west and turning on Upper Red Rock Loop Road. This area contains strong "feminine" energy and enhances attributes of compassion and patience.

3. Boynton Canyon Vortex
While driving west on Hwy 89A, turn right to Dry Creek Road then left going to the Boynton Canyon trail on your way to the strong vortex which emanates a balance between both "masculine" and "feminine" energies.

4. Bell Rock Vortex
Thought to be the strongest of the vortexes, this one strengthens all the three parts and could be "felt" all around Bell Rock.

Whether they are considered New Age "mumbo-jumbo", the energy vortexes have become part of the culture of Sedona and one cannot help but be confronted with information about them. I have personally visited the vortexes and took time to just sit and reflect and just be. I know I have felt a sense of being overwhelmed, yet a feeling of being calm. But then again, I have always felt this way when surrounded by such beauty. You have to remember that aside from the controversy surrounding vortexes, these places are, in themselves, already fantastic places to visit. There is no harm in receiving enlightenment when you can.
Energy Vortexes
State Route 179 & Bell Rock Blvd
Sedona, Arizona

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