London's Oldest Royal Park

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During a weekend trip to London while on vacation in the UK, we were lucky to have been blessed with some of the most glorious weather possible. It was even during December, so quite cold, but the skies couldn't have been clearer. So for such a beautiful day as that, we had to be outside, and where better than one of London's most beautiful parks.

St. James Park is located next to Buckingham palace is is the oldest in the collection of "Royal Parks of London". It spans over 58 acres and is teeming with a huge variety of flowering plants, trees, and waterfowl. We walked past the Palace first, and then meandered into the garden where our paced slowed significantly as there was so much beauty and quietness to take in. There's a small lake in the park which houses two smaller islands. These small areas of land are usually covered in ducks, swans, geese, and other birds.

Throughout the years since this land's initial purchase by Henry VIII in 1532, the park has gone through many changes, from a complete overhaul by James I in 1603 where the entire area was drained, restocked, landscaped and exotic animals were added. Upkept today in royal fashion, this park is a great escape from the bustling city streets, and offers many grassy malls and benches on which to linger.

The views from inside the park are amazing. Looking towards the southwestern end, the Buckingham Palace rises from along the hanging willows and flowering trees. Towards the other end one can see the London Eye towering above the landscape in the distance.

If you need a light lunch or snack, stop by "Inn The Park" a small restaurant offering sit down or take-out service in a sustainable "green" new building. Towards the western end, there's also a lovely playground area for kids. Be sure to watch the feeding of the pelicans everyday at 2:30pm. These birds are extremely massive in size and yet graceful. During the warmer months there are daily concerts from various bands and also guided tours of Duck Island.

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