Breathtakingly Beautiful!

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A park ranger was asked what he will do if he only has one day to spend in Yosemite. He answered, "I'd weep."

This story has struck a chord in me because I feel the same way. Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places on earth offering views of magnificent granite cliffs, breathtaking waterfalls, lush meadows, pristine lakes, towering giant sequioas, diverse wildlife and a whole lot more. A day in this park will never do it justice.

A drive along Yosemite Valley will provide incredible sights, but Yosemite National Park is so much more than Yosemite Valley. Don't forget to venture out and visit Glacier Point, the Mariposa Grove of gigantic sequioas, drive up to Tuolomne Meadows and a whole lot more.

A visit to Yosemite could be done anytime of the year, each season offering its distinctive character. But remember to get as much information about how the conditions in the park are before you go, so that you can make the most out of your visit. A trip during the spring for example will show thundering waterfalls since snow from the peaks are melting, but areas such as Tioga Road may not be open yet. Going in the late summer may not be recommended for waterfall enthusiasts because the flow might be reduced to a mere trickle, but then there would be other activities or parts of the park that will be in full swing.

Anytime of the year, though, there is no limit to beautiful scenes that you would see. Every season is worth a visit.
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