Member Rating 5 out of 5 by TravellerWithVision on February 22, 2010

I just stayed at The Langham last week. I had flown in from Los Angeles on the red eye from Detroit and didn't get in to the hotel until 2AM. I had my luggage lost at the airport and nothing with me except my briefcase and laptop! The Front Desk Clerk was a lovely young woman who made me feel very much at home although I was anything but home. She arranged a "distress kit" for me containing all the items I needed until American Airlines returned my bags. That evening, the clerk arranged for a tee shirt and shorts to be sent for me to use until my bags arrived. I was blown away! My bags arrived in the morning in time for me to have a meeting in the hotel's cafe. I felt like a different person. Refreshed! The restaurant was bright and busy when I arrived. The host sat me at a large table until my morning appointment arrived. I was glad to have a table large enough to conduct business and not thrown into the corner on a small table for two. They obviously are used to tony business clientele as the room was packed with well-heeled people conducting business. After a day of long meetings, I relaxed with a Harmony Treatment in the spa, just what I needed and they give guests 15% off. The health club was clean and very well organized with a beautiful pool and brand new workout equipment. I finished my reports over a Sam Adams and the best burger I had ever had in a hotel room. I still have my "Boston" shirt the clerk gave me and will always stay at my new favorite hotel in Boston. Sadly, I'm booked at the Fairmont in April... thanks Boss!
Langham Hotel Boston
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110

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