A Mediocre Big Island Choice with an Outstanding Pool

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by DeirdreTours on February 14, 2010

The Sheraton Keauhou Bay resort is located about a half hour south of Kona Airport. Keep in mind that traffic in Kona is often awful and the "half hour" can easily stretch to a full hour or more during the rush times.
The biggest attraction at this hotel is the pool: It is a fabulous pool with multiple entry areas, slides, hot tubs, water jets that shoot through walkable wet matting and a lovely free form shape that loops through an outdoor bar and restaurant. There is even an artificial beach area in the pool.
The lobby is also quite nice and the room perfectly adequate with the trademark "sweet sleeper" bed.
Unfortunately, the property has no actual beach whatsoever. Only rocky coast. The weather is much less predictable here than up on the Kohala coast-- when we were there it was overcast the entire day with periodic drizzle.
Also, the property is LOUD-- noise carries all over the open areas with the shrieks of children drowning out conversation at the outdoor bar/restaurant.
Food at the outdoor bar was slow to be delivered and mediocre when it arrived. Burgers ordered medium rare (after confirming with waiter that this was possible, as many restaurants as a matter of policy will only prepare medium well or well done) were delivered well done. Onion rings were decidedly sub-par but fries were ok.
Self parking is easy and saves about $10 a day over valet.

Overall, this hotel is ok, but there are far better choices in this price range north of Kona.
Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa
78-128 Ehukai Street
Hawaii, Big Island, Hawaii, 96740
(808) 930-4900


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