Member Rating 2 out of 5 by KitInTheCove on February 1, 2010

"It's an okay beach, but don't go out of your way to visit it."

After reading the reviews on here I insisted to my husband that we had to go see the "most beautiful beach" while we were in Key West. We went, however were not as enthusiastic about this beach as some of the reviewers have been.

There was a lot of seaweed on the beach which contained quite a few dead fish. Needless to say it didn't smell that great either. I have to say that if I was just judging the sand, it would win hands down for being the best sand. It was just like you imagine beach sand to be.

We didn't go on the best day either, as it was quite windy, and there was a jellyfish warning so I didn't go in the water, however my husband braved the surf to say that he took a dip. The water was colder than it was at some of the other beaches that we visited and of course the water was murky due to the wind.

The bathrooms and showers were a little on the sketchy side, however they were like palaces compared to public beach restrooms. The good part is you don't have to pay much to get in the park and there are some hiking trails throughout the park. You can also camp there which would be neat to do.

Overall, it wasn't a bad place, but I wasn't over the moon about it either. My beginning statement says it in a nutshell.
Bahia Honda State Park
36850 Overseas Hwy, Mile Marker 37
Key West, Florida, 33043
(305) 872-3210

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