Ziplining on Kauai Is an Absolute Blast!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by TropicalFool on January 25, 2010

Ziplining is an Absolute Blast & the North Shore is Gorgeous!

If you’re looking for a way to see more of Kauai than just the hotels and beaches, and you want to have a great time doing it, you really can’t do better than Princeville Ranch Adventures.

They have a variety of tours from just straight hiking (and swimming under a waterfall) to a zipline tour with 9 ziplines, including their new line where you can ride side by side with a buddy.

My favorite is the Jungle Valley Adventure where you get a little hiking, some kayaking, intro ziplines and a picnic and swimming is a pool with a waterfall. It’s great for everyone from kids to oldsters (like me)--and the really fit young folks seemed to have a ball.

The main zip line Zip N’ Dip tour gives you lots & lots of zipping... and it’s really impossible to have too much. This activity is definitely addicting.

The big advantages of Princeville Ranch Adventures over other Kauai ziplines are:

- Location, location, location -- they’re on the North Shore and the North Shore is just the most beautiful part of Kauai, which to me is the most beautiful part of Hawaii

- The guides, ah, the guides. These folks really really like what they do and they’re very very good at this. This means that they have fun, so you have fun, and they’re totally knowledgeable about all thing Kauai including some rather obscure botanical questions that folks asked on my tours.

- It’s all on a private ranch, so you’re out there all alone in a place you can’t get to any other way.

If you’re visiting Kauai, don’t miss out on these tours.
Princeville Ranch Adventures
5-4430 Kuhio Highway
Princeville, Hawaii, 96714
(808) 826-7669

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