Member Rating 2 out of 5 by livingseas on January 10, 2010

In other reviews I read people paid $21.95 but our package was $29.95/adult & $25.95/child this did include the full package (admission/dolphin show/movie). The price to visit plus $25.00 parking fee was not worth the product. Don’t even think about eating or drinking there. Example a $1.09 bottle of juice cost $3.45 in the 4th floor snack bar. I understand some up-charging but gauging not acceptable. Our cost for a family of 3 was $250.00 not including breakfast, dinner or gas to get there. We stopped on the road home for dinner & it was much cheaper than eating lunch at the aquarium.

As others I was disappointed, bathrooms not acceptable. Water stayed in sink did not drain, not well lit & only 1 soap dispenser per 4 sinks. Not crowd friendly. If on 3rd floor it is hard to get a child to a restroom in hurry or even an adult. I’m Closter phobic and I felt closed in many times without an immediate exit. My autistic grandson found the crowds overwhelming. I felt as though we were on a one way street sitting in rush hour.

Australia exhibit, large, but hard to see much a better flow of traffic. The rainforest exhibit does a much better job & the birds flying around was nice. I can’t commit on the dolphin show because we gave our tickets away. Same for the movie. Can’t say I would make the long drive again, I like the Ripley’s aquarium in Myrtle Beach, SC better. $18.99/9.99 per ticket & free parking. I never felt crowded and never encountered someone pushing me.

National Aquarium Baltimore
501 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202
(410) 576-3800


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