Great Liveaboard, Perfect Weather, Mindblowing Wildlife!!!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jcohen32 on January 7, 2010

My father and I went on the Mike Ball dive expedition flying up to Lizard Island then making our way through the Ribbon Reefs to Cairns. This was arguably the best diving we have ever done. 3 days of no wind, flat seas and blue skies. You could not ask for better weather.
The diving was ridiculous! Giant schools of yellow striped snapper and goatfish, nice size Cods at Cod Hole, Sharks, Big CuttleFish, Massive Bumphead Wrasse, Queensland Groupers, Free Swimming Sea Snakes, Stonefish, Leaf Scorpion Fish, Moray Eels, Turtles. You could not ask for a better diving holiday! The staff were great, the food was great. Everyone was very professional and nothing ever got in the way of a dive. Night dives were incredible as the Cod and Giant Trevally would use our torches for hunting. If you shine your torch on a fish these giants would blow right past you and chase the fish until it got him. You feel like part of an underwater hunting party. This trip was absolute magic.
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions
143 Lake Street
Cairns, Australia, 4870
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