Great Market Hall....of Goodness!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by FinnyLinny on January 5, 2010

Nothing but love for this market; the building is just beautiful and the food....mmmmm. Ate from the stands on the second floor and everything was delicious and the point-at-it system works fine here and you can sample a bit of this and that and grab a beer and just revel in being in the middle of all of the bustle. If it hadn't been cold, might have tried some of the terrific-looking ice cream treats for sale. Inexpensive souvenirs and a wonderful elderly gentleman who was selling fur hats that were unfortunately too big for my big head, and he placed his hands on either side of my skull and turns to my husband and says "Is a fine head"! Ok, yeah, that was my favorite market moment. A great little store at the back with all kinds of pet foods and supplies (makes a person miss their critters back home...) and the paprika souvenirs were so cheap and nicely packaged I'd grab more next time! Fun to come in a second time, after which you are used to the market and it's dazzling array of goodness and just watch first-time visitors take it all in.
Central Market Hall/Great Market Hall
Fovam Ter, Ix Kerulet
Budapest, Hungary

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