Had a Blast, Until...

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Cin and Fred on December 28, 2009

We spent our Christmas 2009 in Cozumel. The highlight of our trip was taking the ATV Jungle Excursion until... Let me start with the beginning. Paco and Alex picked us up at our resort (El Cozumeleno) which was nice so we didn't have to pay a taxi and have the hassle of driving. Paco told us we could either pay with cash, pesos, or debit/credit card. We asked if there was an extra charge if we paid with our card. Paco said there wouldn't be so we decided to save our cash and our pesos. Little did we know that when we got back to the US, there was a $7.82 charge for using the card. The ATV excursion was a blast. It came a monsoon two days prior, which made it even more of a blast. We hit ever pot hole, water puddle, rock, hill, etc. that we drove across. Ricardo and the other guide were very informative. My oldest daughter and I had a contest to see who could get the muddiest. I, of course, won. At one of the stops, Ricardo came over and noticed that the plastic side panels on my daughter's ATV had popped out. He said we were responsible for fixing it. He said it could only happen on impact. My daughter rode in front of me the entire way, and she NEVER hit anything except pot holes and hills. He said she had to have hit something to cause the damage. Anyone with any intellegence, could tell that the side panels could pop out when riding on the rough trails and not done on impact. There was not any front damage done just the panels had popped out. When we got back, he said we had to pay for it. I tried to pop them back in, but he told me to stop and we just needed to pay for it. I don't want you to think it was a money issue, it was the principle of the matter. After arguing for some time, he finally said they would pay for it. After that, he didn't say a word to us. After the ride on the ATVs, we went to a secluded beach to snorkle. Did I mention that when Paco picked us up for our resort, he said they would take care of the taxi ride back to our resort? So we thought we had no worries. Ricardo did get us a taxi back, but again, didn't say a word to us not even thank you or good bye. On our way back to the resort, my husband just verified with the taxi driver that he was taking us back to our resort. He said yes. When we got back to our resort, the taxi driver wanted another $7. He said Ricardo did pay him put told him to drop us off at Jimmy Buffets. Why there, I don't know. After arguing with the taxi driver, we ended up having to pay him. Needless to say, we were misled by Paco and the others. The actual riding on the ATVs was great, the overall expereince with Wild Tours was horrible. Make sure if you ride the ATVs, check to see the condition of the ATVs and that all is bolted down. Make sure of the transportation and all the hidden fees.
Wild Tours
Departure Point: Los Cinco Soles Store Av. Rafael Melgar Norte 27, San Miguel
Cozumel, Mexico, 77600
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