No Room Guarantees

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by SteinEriksen415 on December 27, 2009

I had been staying at the Stein Eriksen Lodge for over 5 years during the New Year's Even season. Every year I book the hotel in January and pay in full in July to secure my spot. I also follow up with the hotel every month to ensure I get a specific room. Even after all this effort and guarantees I received, I was informed upon arrival my room was given away. Another guest was not satisfied with his/her room and the manager on duty gave that guest our room. We were first told that the guest had a guarantee on a room type that was not available so the Lodge gave the guest our room. Upon talking to several managers including the General Manager, we were told that the Lodge does not guarantee any room type, which just contradicted everything we had been told before. They will not guarantee any type of room no matter how much you book or pay in advance. We were told several different stories on what happened before our arrival but not once did anyone in management admit guilt. Instead, they all blamed it on the reservationist saying she had no right to guarantee anything, which I thought was comical since the person who took our room was "guaranteed" a specific type of room.

In conclusion, I would be very cautious about staying here and I have decided after shelling out a lot of money every year and being courteous to the Lodge's staff, I was not respected and will not be returning next year.
Stein Eriksen Lodge
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