Discover Africa on a Mountain Bike

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by MSA-Biker on December 18, 2009

It was one of the best time on my stay in Mombasa. The tour with Bike the Coast was absolutely outstanding. The guides are knowledgeable of the local area and very attentive and intuitive to the needs of the guests. The tour itself was unforgettable. We've been cycling through small villages, in the shade of coconut and mango trees, small children were shouting "Muzungu!", and we've been greeted with "Jambo" by people walking along the pathes... this is truly a Kenyan experience one would never get in a safari van.

The refreshment stop in the mud-walled local restaurant was real a highlight.

Biking provides the ideal pace and distance to experience a taste of local life: less intrusive than walking, but much closer and more "real" than driving.

This trip... it is a perfect start or ending to a diving holiday, or a safari.
Bike the Coast

Mombasa, Kenya
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