Cuba's Most Famous Hotel

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Unarguably the most famous hotel in Cuba is the Hotel Nacional de Cuba along the Malecon waterfront in Havana. Designed by architects from NYC and opening in 1930, this hotel has historically been the "it" place for famous and non-famous people alike. With unparalleled luxury in this city, the Hotel Nacional still draws people from around the world.

From the grand driveway at the entrance, one can see this will be an impressive place. Old cars line the drive, ready to be rented for a luxurious drive around the city. From the first glimpse inside, the sense of historic and lingering luxury from times past is strong. The lobby is adorned with wood beamed ceilings and beautiful sconces on the walls. Follow it down towards the elevators and find a marble circular room with a glorious statue in the center.

You can pass directly to the extensive outdoor patio and bar area where a grassy yard and nicely manicured walkways lead to the cliff side which overlooks the ocean. From this side along the road on the Malecon, the hotel stands in all its glory over the fountains of water which cascade down this rocky fountain.

The history of this famous hotel includes a couple coups which turned the building into a temporary baracade, an infamous mob summit which was portrayed in the Godfather II, a casino house, and a meeting place for diplomats around the world.

Since being refurbished in the 1059s, now one of the main draws for visitors today is the bar which is covered in photos and mementos from the past ledgends gracing the room. Sit and enjoy a cocktail while you look at photos of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Ava Gardner, and many more...some including many of the current Hollywood favorites.

• Calle 21 y O, 10400
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Calle O and 21, Vedado
Havana, Cuba

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