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One of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Havana is that of the old Presidential Palace, now known as Museo del la Revolucion (Revolution Museum). Built in 1920 for the Dictator Batista, it was designed by the same architect who designed the Grand Theatre Building in the city, and the interior was mainly decorated by Tiffany. Not only does it give visitors an interesting look into the history of the country.

There are floors of rooms filled with photographs, artifacts and articles from the Revolution. In the back of the museum there are aircraft and other vehicles used in the war like tanks and a armored boat type vessel that one can see. There are unending displays throughout of the weapons, clothing, original papers, and even artwork dedicated to this part of the Cuban history.

The rooms are laid out and arranged for visitors in a chronological order so one can get a better grasp on the line of history. The main lobby boasts a grand marble staircase, and don't miss seeing the mirrored ballroom "Salon de los Espejos"which is towards the front of the building, and isn't filled with artifacts, but yet just stands as it was during the palace days.

There are changing exhibits and even sometimes modern art displays relating to the country and its history. One can easily spend a few hours here by really taking the time to look through all the displays. There is a small giftshop on the 2nd floor during the walk through the exhibits.

Besides visiting the museum for the showings, it's also a great place for some great views over the city as you get higher in the floors with house hundreds of windows. There's a small admission, and this also includes entrance to the Granma Memorial which is the small modern building out back with the war weapons and vehicles.

• Calle Refugio 1
• +53 (7) 8624092
• Open Daily 10am - 5pm
Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revolucion)
Calle Refugio 1
La Habana, Cuba, 10600
+53 7 624091

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