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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Red Mezz on November 24, 2009

One of the first places my husband and I ever travelled together when we first met was Las Vegas - a place that understandably has very fond memories for us from our long ago days of travel.
So for our anniversary we decided a little return trip to revisit some of our favourite parts and get to do more of the things we didn't do the first time around was in order.

And what we primarily didn't get to do while we were there before as penniless 20 year old backpackers were things that cost any money.

In the golden days of Las Vegas - you could visit the amazing strip and as long as you didn't gamble, you could have an incredible time with out spending very much money. Sadly those days are gone, but what is still available is the change to experience extraordinary things closer to home.

And we were especially reminded of this on our dinner at Canaletto.

The Venetian hotel itself was one of our favourite parts of Las Vegas on our first trip - but being one of the priciest places we didn't spend very much time there. So as it came time to choose where we would eat our Anniversary dinner in the plethora of options available along the strip - the Venetian came to mind first.

It wasn't easy choosing Canaletto - I can assure you. We were there on the holiday weekend of Thanksgiving, and the city was packed to the gills. And though we weren't walking miles along the strip this time hoping to get a 3/4 pound hot dog for under a dollar - we still didn't want to spend all of our trip money on one celebratory dinner.

Not to mention, in the Venetian alone there are many wonderful sounding, beautiful restaurants just begging to be sampled.

In the end there was a beautiful brass band playing festive music in the shopping centre of the Grand Canal - as well as performers and with the restaurant wasn't too crowded, so we happily made our way over.

There is seating available both outside and in - for anyone who's never visited The Venetian or one of the big Vegas hotels, you are inside the hotel in a stunning rendition of Venice's grand canal district complete with painted ceilings and sunset lighting. It's truly remarkable and currently my favourite thing about Las Vegas.
There are vendors on the 'cobblestone streets' selling Italian ice-cream, and you can sit in one of the great 'outdoor' tables of Canaletto and soak up the atmosphere.

We decided to take an indoor table due to the crowds, and inside the atmosphere changed again, to a very luxurious dining area that offered a bit of luxury and yet felt very private and comfortable. There are booths as well as tables - (I strongly suggest that you have a look at their website to whet your appetite) and the decor is extremely impressive.

The food was also very nice. In Northern Italian style cooked by a very good Italian chef - you really do get the feel of enjoying a meal in Italy, with out having to deal with the flight or customs.

The waiters were all Italian on our visit - an important touch I felt - and though not of the highest quality - they were good. The bread baked locally was excellent, and my pasta dish was very very tasty as well as being a hearty portion.

You should also sample a glass of their wine, as they have some great wines on offer and what is an Italian meal with out a tasty glass of red wine?

When you are finished and have had your coffee to round off the meal, I recommend you walk along the Venetian canals - listen to the gondoliers singing, and sample some tasty Italian ice-cream.

Venetian Hotel Casino - 3355 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 733-0070


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