Sharks in The Desert

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Autumnrose2008 on November 23, 2009

After arriving in Vegas we were looking to find new things to do. My family and I make a trip out to vegas at least 2 times a year and finding new stuff to do is really becomining quite a chore.

So after an hour of flipping through the books and seeing what we have never done before my daughter and I chose the shark reef. For this visit we were staying at Excalibur and had to catch the tram to Mandalay bay for the shark reef.

We arrived at Mandalay bay and walked into the casino. We were greeted right away and asked if we needed any help finding anything. I asked for directions to the shark reef and was given an escort to the ticket box office.

we bought our tickets they were not that bad. I actually thought that they would be so much more than what they were 35 dollars. We then walked across the great open area and got into line to see the shark reef. As we stood in the line waiting my daughter read the book that they gave to her and was amazed to learn that Mandalay bay has the only hammerhead sharks in north America in captivity.

The line was moving quite fast and before we knew it we were being admitted to the reef. We walked upstairs and picked up our neat hand held tour guide. I was instructed to hold it like a phone and to push the buttons that correspond with the displays.

The first thing that we saw was a nile Croc. I was very impressed as it was a very large croc. As we moved on we got to see Komodo Dragon they were so close yet so far away. It was very neat to be able to get down to there level and really look them in the eye.

As we continued on we were able to see red bellied piranha, skates and rays, Eels, Jellyfish galore. Then as we moved deeper into the reef and deeper under the water we discovered a sunken pirate ship that housed the sharks and all the larger fish. As we walked in there are several area's that you are able to veiw the sharks that are swimming around. I found the best spot was the spot that showed the ground of the ocean below us, as I looked down I noticed that there were several hammerhead sharks hanging out down in this area. We were able to view them as long as we wanted and to take as many pictures as we wanted as well.

I would have to say that the best part of the visit for us was the hands on area. We were able to touch a baby nurse shark, several rays and skates as well as horseshoe crabs. There were also tanks that were housing jelly fish and you were able to ask questions to the expert about the jelly fish. My daughter was amazed to learn that Jelly fish only have a simple nervous system. Not like many of the other animals she had seen swimming around her.

I would have to say that this was a great experience for us both as we both really had a good time and are looking forward to when we can do it again. The shark reef is a great experience that really makes your vegas trip even more special.
Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119
(702) 632-7777

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