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Notre-Dame basilica is on a site where a church has existed almost since the founding of Montreal in the 17th century. The present building dates to the mid 19th century but the interior is newer, dating to the beginning of the 20th century. You can read the history of it on the website. The current colour scheme is blue and gold with detailing on the pillars and vaulted ceiling that reminded me of Sainte Chappelle in Paris and I read now that it is indeed inspired by that. The interior of the Basilica is dark yet the altar area glows with blue and gold. It's breathtaking! Blue is the theme for the Basilica. At night, the windows to the outside shine blue as well with the yellow-gold lights on the exterior of the building highlighting it all.

In the back of the Basilica is a smaller chapel, Notre Dame de Sacre Cour. This chapel burned and had to be rebuilt in 1980 in it's present form, very different from the main church. The chapel is bright and sunny, with light honey coloured carved wood and light streaming in through the high windows.

The Basilica can hold several thousand people. It is huge but you don't get that sense of enormity when you're inside it. It is a parish church so in addition to masses, there are also weddings, funerals and baptisms that can be held here.

It costs $5.00 to enter but there are free guided tours held, in French or English. The 35 minute multimedia sound and light show costs about 10$ per adult.

Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm but open at 7:30 for prayer
Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Sunday: 12:30pm to 4pm

Take the Orange line to Place d’Armes Station. Exit on Saint-Urbain Street and walk uphill toward Place D’Armes Square.

Take southbound Saint-Laurent bus No. 55. Get off at the Notre-Dame Street stop east of the Basilica.
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
110 Notre-dame Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 1T1
(514) 842-2925

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