Warm Pastries Alongside Your Espresso

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One of the places we'd love to go on an early Sunday morning (as many of the smaller locals bars are closed on Sundays) would be Pasticceria Marino. This lovely little cafe has some of the best warm pastries in the city and a coffee bar as well.

There were a few pastry shops that we'd come to really love during our time of living in Florence, but many were just stand along pastry shops, where we'd have to get a treat to-go and find somewhere else to wash it down with an espresso. That's why we really like Marino, is because it combines the best of both worlds...fresh, homemade pastries and an overall feel of a pastry shop with the ovens just in the next room, with the option of ordering a cappuccino to accompany your treat.

Located in the Oltrarno neighborhood of the city, this Pasticceria is just across the river over the Ponte alla Carraia. This is the second bridge west of the famous Ponte Vecchio, and and for those staying in the heart of the city center is a nice little walk for a morning stroll across town. For a lovely Sunday morning, head to Marino and then continue west along the river to the famous and extensive outdoor market at Cascine Park.

When you enter this cafe, don't expect any frills or special atmosphere, just a simple interior with a large glass case were the many confections are displayed. One of the most popular pastries here is the mouth-watering croissant. Known as "cornetti" or "brioche", these buttery treats are available plain, or filled with cream, chocolate, or marmalade. They are also one of the very few places to find the Sicilian specialty of cannoli.

Enjoy a traditional cappuccino or espresso with your pastry, and try to grab one of the 4 small tables to read the morning newspaper, or just stand around or out on the sidewalk with many other patrons.

• Piazza Nazario Sauro, 19r
• +39 055 212657
• Open Tues - Sun, 6:30am - 8pm
Pasticceria Marino
Piazza Nazario Sauro, 19r
Florence, Italy
+39 055 212657


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