'Those Are Good Burgers...'

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Red Mezz on November 7, 2009

I doubt there is a Lebowski fan in the world who when visiting Southern California wouldn't attempt to find the legendary IN-N-OUT Burger chain.
Loved by those on the west coast for years - this place became world renowned when it appeared in the beloved cult film 'The Big Lebowski.' And for myself and my husband (being 'Achievers' ourselves) finding and trying the 'good burgers' at the famous chain was very high on the list of things to do in California.

Technically this restaurant is in North Hollywood - so I was uncertain of which review to include it in. It isn't far from central Burbank, though - and if you've got a map and look it up ahead of time, it's not too difficult to find. (though you will need to do this unless you know someone who knows where it is - even with a map and an excellent sense of direction we did still loop around North Hollywood a little bit trying to find it.)

Though it's hard to specify exactly where the restaurant that was visited in the film is - there appears to be only one IN-N-OUT in North Hollywood, and that is on Lankershim Blvd. But never fear - if you're not in the area or not bothered about visiting 'the' one - LA is riddled with the delights of the IN-N-OUT, and we sampled them with gusto while we were in California. And not once were we disappointed.

This is a classic, tasty option for good old 50's style US hamburgers. Somewhat akin to Sonic in the south - this is a very basic drive in, and you get what you expect.

I have to say, I loved the IN-N-OUT - and not just for the film reference (though it was cool, and I do have my picture taken in front of several of them) It was actually the very first American restaurant I visited after a year of travel and four years out of the country - and it was glorious.

Very cheap and very tasty - find one and try it as soon as you can. With a simple selection of three burgers or fries, you really do get 'in and out' quickly and with excellent food. It's very cheap - just over a dollar for a burger - and in every California restaurant I went to the service was really impressive despite it's small size and the fast food aspect.

Try it - you really can't go wrong. Those are good burgers...
IN-N-OUT Burger
5864 Lankershim Blvd.
Hollywood, California, 91605


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