Sweaty Times In Red Rock Canyon

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ThisGirlLoves2Travel on October 31, 2009

Recently our family visited Red Rock Canyon. I highly recommend going to this tremendous natural wonder! The price is fairly cheap so that is just another reason to go there. There are things like hiking paths, rock climbing, great scenery, and a path to drive on to take in the whole canyon. I do suggest getting out of the car though. I also recommend going in early morning if you are going in summer or spring. It can get HOT! This is a great place for pictures so bring your camera!
NOTE:Things to bring are your camera, walking shoes(not your favorite pair of shoes though, they will get red dirt on them), sunblock(if you go in summer), sunglasses, and something to drink(I suggest water).
This is a great place to go to see the nature side of Nevada. We even saw a huge raven and a lizard! My kids were so excited :). I would also suggest going to the bathroom before coming there because the restrooms when you are driving on the paths are GROSS. The gift shop also has bathrooms which are way nicer than the ones on the driving path. The gift shop also has some cool souvenirs so make sure you bring some extra cash! Red Rock Canyon is definitely a place to go :]
Red Rock Canyon
Highway 159 at Scenic Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89124
(702) 363-1921


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