The Island of Adventures

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Where is the Park and How to get there?

The island of adventures is located in Orlando Florida, and most the tax and bus operators will be able to take you there. The park is located on Universal Boulevard, which is about 15 minutes drive away from the main international airport. If your located near the East of Florida make sure you take the I4 Eastbound road and follow the directions towards Kissimmee, the directions are really easy and straight forward. If you're travelling from the West likewise take the West I4 Highway and follow the directions towards Downtown Orlando.

Park History:

The Island of Adventures was first opened by Universal in May 1999. It had the same premise of Epcot land, in the sense that there were different island with different themes, all having there own characteristics and all providing different levels of fun for the park guests. The Park consists of five inland islands, which guests will visit one by one, each one offering different themed rides.


Well like most theme parks, guests have the option of buying a single park ticket of a pass that allows you to access theme parks all over Florida. I purchased the Orlando Flex Ticket Plus, which gave me access to the following parks; (Universal Studios, Universal's Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, SeaWorld's brand new water park Aquatica, Wet 'n Wild, and Busch Gardens) The pass cost a total of $280 for adults and $233 for children aged 3-9. I found this to be the best value, because it worked out cheaper, and since I was going to be in Florida for some time, I thought I might as well visit a few parks.
However, if you're not in town for a long time, or any want to visit this specific park then you could purchase the single day pass which works out to $62 for adults and $50 for children aged 3-9.
Like most theme parks you can order your tickets online, and if you're going for a package holiday you could get a much better deal. Online deals usually save you on average $15- $20, and it's more convenient as you don't have to wait in the line to pick up a ticket.

The Park:

The theme park consists of five different islands, all with their own unique characteristics, rides, layouts and so on. All the islands are attached together and are focused around a water lagoon, which is inhabited by local birds and ducks.

The Entrance:

The entrance, which is more commonly known as the Port of Entry, is the main big feature that you see when first entering the island. Here we have several dinners, guest's enquiry areas, toilets, park information desks and lockers to place valuables. The main feature of the port of entry has to be the old ancient style lighthouse, which resembles a tropical dessert type style.
Marvel Super Hero Island:

Because the park revolves in a clockwise notion, the marvel super hero island is the first attraction that guests get to see. This island is any comic book idols dreams and features some of the best comic book hero experiences, some of which include Spiderman, Captain America and Strom. Several park employees are dressed up as these famous characters and again it's a chance to have your picture taken, and this isn't just for kids, trust me I no.

Hulk Rollercoaster:

The Marvel Island has several cool rides; the main one that stands out for me is the Incredible Hulk rollercoaster. The whole experience of the rollercoaster ride is amazing. When in line waiting to enter the rollercoaster, guests are taken into a scientific lab similar to that of Bruce Banner (Hulk). Here the storyline picks up, the guests are taking part in an experiment which will remove the effects of becoming the hulk it's a cool foreplay before you move onto the rollercoaster, and it's a brilliant way of taking you minds off waiting.
Once you move past the lab, guests enter a lift and are taken to the rollercoaster; again we are taking part in a story. At this stage, we are moving into a generator waiting for the experiment, and suddenly it says "warning", it carries on for about 15 seconds before we are toad away onto the rollercoaster ride. It goes around several loops, has one hell of a drop about 105 feet and so many twists and turns.

They also have a simulator in the park, which guests can go inside. It allows us to become Spiderman, and see what it's like dangling from skyscrapers, fighting mutants and so forth. It's like most of the modern simulators in theme parks, but it really gives you a sense and feeling that you are Spiderman.

Toon Lagoon:

The next island is more an area for all round family fun, although youngsters will love this area. The rides are more calm and family friendly and even if you're an adrenaline junky, it's still worth taking some time visiting this island. The island isn't just well known for its kid friendly rides, but also its famous diners and café, that serve the best food around the entire theme park, so if your going to eat anywhere in the park, make sure its here.

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls:

The main ride on this island is Dudley Ripsaw Falls, which if you haven't guessed is a water log ride; it's much like the water log rides at Alton Towers, however with the sunny weather and spectacular surrounding its much more appealing. The log drop isn't very high, so smaller kids would also enjoy going on this ride, but make sure you put your money somewhere safe, all my dollars ended up being soaking wet and I had to dry them out with the dryers in the toilets. The Dudley Ripsaw ride is a must go on ride, especially with the extreme Florida heat waves, such a great way to cool down.

Jurassic Park:

This was by far my favourite island, and I suppose it's also due to the fact that I loved the films. Jurassic Park Island is exactly like the set of the original first film. It has the famous Jurassic Park Gates, and the famous discovery centre which is featured at the end of the first film. Being the largest island, the immense space means more rides, better attractions and thus more to see. Perhaps the best experience I has was shaking hands with Richard Attenborough who from time to time comes as a special guest playing his famous role as John Hammond, it so totally makes you feel as if your actually starring in the Jurassic Park films.

Jurassic Park River Adventure:

There are some really top quality rides on this island, the big one being the Jurassic Park River Adventure, which is a scarier, thrilling version of the water log ride featured in Toon lagoon. The ride takes you through the tropical settings of the film, with exotic plants, bird noises and so forth. As the ride goes up, you hear a deepening louder roar, from the T-Rex, each time getting louder and louder as you climb up to 85 feet. Again much like the Hulk rollercoaster, this ride really makes you want to go back again and again and again.

Jurassic Park Discovery Centre:

This is like a duplicate of the original centre in the first film, and is a place where we become more educated about these pre historic beats, their environment and how they became extinct. It's a great way to learn more about these animals and a positive side to the park, since everything else is all action.

The Lost Continent:

Next on the list of islands is the Lost Continent, which is a combination of myths and legends about ancient Egypt, the medieval times and the ancient mythology of Greece.
Rides on the island include roller coasters that are indoors, an adventure attraction much like that of Sinbad. We also get a chance to go to the Greece themed Poseidon's fury.

Seuss Landing:

The last island is a play ground for all the younger kids and I suppose is catered especially for them. It's packed with fund rides, cool gadgets and playgrounds were kids can play and socialise. It's also a place for the parents to chill out and relax from a tiring day at the park, whilst also watching their kids has a bit of fun. This island also has awesome ice cream pallor and yes I went back fro seconds and thirds.

Food and Dinning:

The island is packed with tons of different options when it comes to dining. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices. Each island has its own dining characteristics, serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. They also offer low fat food, which I think is always a plus, as well as the usual burgers, pizzas and chips.

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