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Background Information:

So The Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, which is in the United Arab of Emirates, about a 7 hour flight from London. The hotel is the second tallest building in the World, which is used as a hotel. The hotel itself is built around an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) out from Jumeirah beach, and is connected to the main land via a private bridge. The hotel started construction in 1994, and took only four years for the construction to finish, making it not only a constructional success but also a good investment for the owner's. The architect, Tom Wright a British Architect was given the task of designing the iconic hotel.

Here is an interesting fact, the reason the Burj Al Arab was built on an artificial island was primarily down to strict Alcohol agreements in place at the time. Due to the strict Islamic rules still applied the alcohol agreements meant that they could not serve alcohol so close to the sea, don't know why. So the owners decided that by creating the hotel on the sea per say, these laws would not effect the current licensing requirements. This was actually a very clever concept if you ask me.
The hotel cost a total of $650 million dollars, and created over 45,000 jobs, which ranged from building and construction work, sanitation, and the future hotel work, such as hotel maids, chefs, cleaners, drivers and so on.

Hotel Statistics:

The hotel is classified as a 7 star hotel, and is sort out to be the top of the cream in terms of style, food, luxury and service. However, by definition the maximum numbers of stars a hotel can get is 5, so the new more luxurious hotels seem to be adding their own stars. I would call it a seven star hotel for its superb customer service, the luxury they provide and the shear magnitude of just how brilliant it is, but what would you expect from a hotel that charges ridiculous amounts for their rooms.
The island on which the Burj Al Arab rests on consists of 70,000 cubic metres of concrete. The interior of the Burj Al Arab consists of 8,000 square meters of 22 carat cold leaf and 24,000 square meters of 30 different types of marble (Company Website) and the hotel has a number of bars, nightclubs, shopping areas, leisure centres and 7 types of suites.

Ok so enough info about the hotel, and more about the hotel per say. We landed at the International airport in the early hours, I would say about 02:00. As I had said before, I was lucky enough to be staying at the hotel for free and so I was going to make the most of it. The hotel offers a five star concierge service, which also included a limo ride to the hotel upon arriving at the airport. This service is expensive, I think it set my mates dad back about £200, but it is some way to arrive at the hotel. I really felt like a VIP at this stage, I had never been in a limo before, and the though of someone opening the door for me to get into a luxuries car was something special. So we got into the limo and drove towards to iconic hotel.

Whilst my friends dad got us checked in the concierge kindly takes our belongings up to our room, whilst we are greeted by hosts who offer us a complimentary drink, at this point I was ready to die, fulfilling all I wanted to do in life, right at that pinnacle moment, but their was more too come. After about 10 minutes all the checking in was done, we were taking to the elevator towards the left of the reception area. The clear elevator is a iconic stand out in the hotel, upon boarding it, it slowly takes you to your floor, and you can see everything from the outside, all the palm trees, the different floors as you make your way up, it gives you a chance to get a birds eye view of your surroundings. One really hits you is how much gold is used in the hotel, real gold that is, everything from the window frames, desks, elevator deco, and so forth.

Our Suite:

So we reached the middle of the hotel, I would way about half way up, and reached our floor, we were lucky enough to be staying in the Club Suite, which for me was just out of this world. It was probably bigger than my entire house, which gives you some indication of just how big the room was.
The room is about 330 sq metres in shape, which just goes to show you how big it is, it has both a upper and lower lever to the suite. The upper suite is a loft type fitting, which has the bed, or in our case 3 beds, which we had requested, this can cost extra but can be done. It also has a luxurious bathroom, which yes you guessed it, gold taps, gold showerhead, man I wish I could take these home with me.

The lower level is were the main living room area is, we also has a snooker table in the room, a dining table, a small cocktail bar, which was fully stocked, a small washroom and a storage closet, where you can put your clothes belonging etc. The room like all of them includes a state of the art safe, were you can place all your expensive belongings, money, passports and anything else I guess.

The room itself is brilliant, everything from the gold and deep blue carpets, to the Greek style pillars placed around the room, or the oak tables, silk curtains, soft and gentle beds, ceramics tiles in the bathroom, gold taps in the washroom, all give you the sense that you are in a very special place.
What ever the room doesn't have, they hotel will try and provide. In all I was spectacle to ask my mates dad how much he had paid per nigh for the room, the guilt that I should some how offer some money got to me, he insisted that it only cost £850 per night, and I just said I can give you £50 for now, I need to pull out some cash. At £1700 for two nights this is not your average hotel room, and it's a luxury, something that you cannot do too often.

Ok so now ill move onto the extra facilities the hotel offers to its guests, whilst staying that the hotel. Like the top hotels, the Burj Al Arab has a number of bars, restaurants, spa and health area's, children's area and so much more. We arrived on the early morning or New Years Eve, so we new that there would be some extravagant party, stylish settings, and all round good service offered. How my friend's dad managed to get a room this time of the year is beyond me, but we did see a lot of celebrities as you would expect, everyone from Sean Connery to Al Gore, yes that's right, the vice president, who would have been president.

Assawan Spa & Health Club:

Like most hotels, this one includes one hell of a spa and health club for its guests to visit, relax and unwind in. Now Its go a gym, which was actually always packed both days I went into it. It always amazes me how many people use the gym even when they are on holiday, but this gym is most certainly a must. It had all the state of the art technology and equipment. Set on the 18th floor with views to make a poet sigh, the Spa is a haven of crystal clear pools, offering only the finest treatments. Choose from a range of pampering, weight loss, stress reduction or relaxation options, all delivered by our professional therapists, and enjoy an experience that is quite simply unparalleled.

Overall View:

Overall I think this is perhaps one of the best hotels I will ever have the chance of staying in. The rooms are simply breathtaking and out of this world, the price is very expensive and there is no denying that, however for what you pay you get so much and more. The rooms as bright, energetic, luxurious and most of all very spacious, it's the sort of hotel everyone wishes they could stay in, the features inside the rooms and even more exceptional. The restaurants and bars are one a penny, with many to cater for the different cliental, they offer a wide variety of menus and drinks again to cater for ones needs.
Burj Al Arab
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